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This Is Modern Retail

This Is Modern Retail


An Industry For Opportunity

When people think about retail jobs, they naturally imagine what they see in stores: sales associates, cashiers, and the occasional manager. Well, believe it or not, retail is way more than that. From software developers to accountants to editorial stylists, retail offers challenging, rewarding careers beyond what customers see when they go shopping.

44% of retail employees do NOT work in a sales position

The Industry For Small Business

Retail employees aren't all working for the "big box" retailers. In fact, more than a quarter are working in a company with fewer than 100 employees.


Diversity In Opportunity

 From Amazon.com to Whole Foods, and from Nordstrom to the trendy little boutique down the street, the variety of businesses within the retail industry provides opportunities for everyone to work in any area they're passionate about as a consumer.

Employment at web-based retail companies has increased the most, with 145% growth over the last 10 years.

Demographics Of Retail Employees

For many of you out there, retail was where you received your first paycheck. The reatil industry employs a quarter of the country's working teenagers - and more than half when including restaurants.

Retail is also a place for working Americans aged 65 and older, the retail industry is among the top employers.


Opportunities in the industry aren't limited to those starting their careers and those winding down their working years. The retail industry offers careers at any and all levels of educational degree and training.

A third of retail employees over the age of 24 have a college degree - and 1 in 7 of these employees have advanced degrees.

Women In Retail

To many people. retail may just seem like a starting point for their working life, but the Forbes Power Women list, which ranks the world's 100 most powerful women, demonstrates that a career in this industry can lead to some of the most powerful positions in the world. Among the politicians, humanitarians and media moguls highlighted, six of the worl'd's most powerful women come right from within the retail industry.

The retail industry continues to be a career destination for women; in fact, more than half of retail employees are women.

Coast-To-Coast Career Opportunities

The jobs and careers in the retail industry are not limited to a specific region of the country, or even one type of town - if there are people, there is retail, and if there is retail, there are jobs. Even some of the cities and metro areas hardest hit by the recession have seen significant job recovery from the retail industry.

Benefits In Retail

In retail, it takes more than awesome products and great brand names to make profits - it takes great people. According to the 2012 NRF and Mercer Retail Compensation & Benefits Study, retail companies have been focused on developing talent and career advancement opportunities. 

Check out the top three training trends in retail:

  • Offering technology training programs for employees
  • Building opportunities to grow within their organization
  • Innovating careers in retail such as international assignments, internships, and job rotations
62% of retail companies offer health care benefits to their employees, which is more than the construction industry (52%) and the leisure and hospitality industry (34%).
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Advice For Landing The Right Job

Advice For Landing The Right Job

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