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Made In Kind: Anthropologie Presents April's Designer Collaborations

Made In Kind: Anthropologie Presents April's Designer Collaborations

Limited-Edition Designs Created In Collaboration With Some Of Anthropologie's Favorite Talents In Fashion, Art and Beyond

Twenty years after being founded in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Anthropologie remains a destination for women wanting a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home decor that reflects their personal style and fuels ttheir lives' passions, from fashion to art to entertaining. Shop the trends from Anthropologie's exclusive limited-edition designer collaborations.

Alexandra Grecco for Anthropologie.jpeg

Alexandra Grecco

Brooklyn-based designer and FIT-alum Alexandra Grecco founded her eponymous label in the spring of 2010. Entirely feminine in tailoring and silhouette, these pieces reflect Grecco's reverance for the fashions of the 20s and 30s, and made to flatter. They're also just the thing to awaken the daydreamer within each of us. Case in point: the sheer fabrics and soft, summery color palette call to mind afternoons lazily spent on sun-strewn porches.

Beguile by Byron Lars.jpeg

Beguile by Byron Lars

San Francisco native Byron Lars has been part of the fashion landscape since his 1991 debut collection garnered an uproar of praise. With each collection since be's proven his mastery of fit by crafting body-conscious silhouettes that toe a careful line between coquettish and ladylike, all while being nearly universally flattering.
Burning Torch for Anthropologie.jpeg

Burning Torch

Los Angeles native Karyn Craven launched Burning Torch in 1999. SHe shaped the line as an ongoing homage to all eras of vintage, recreating her favorite throwback elements of tailoring and proportion in her modern-day pieces. Craven designs with the belief that "the energy of time and history is in each and every garment."
Dusen Dusen for Anthropologie.jpeg

Dusen Dusen

Ellen Van Dusen is a Washington, DC native and all-around trailblazer: she created her own major when attending Tufts called Psychology Of Design. It was the study of all things visual, which left her with a perfectly tuned eye for print and silhouette-not that you'd need her degree to see that.
Karen Walker Runaway .jpeg

Karen Walker Runaway

Karen Walker has been designing clothes since she made her first circle skirt for her Barbie doll at age seven. She's come a long way since then, expanding her creations to a full line of clothing, accessories and decor, all based on an undying love of patterns and color mixed together every which way. With Runaway (making its stateside debut at Anthropologie), Walker retains the lively spirit of her namesake line within casual pieces in classic fabrics like poplin, voile, chambray and French terry.
THE KNIT KID for Anthropologie.jpeg


Berlin-based designer Sabrina Weigt wasted no time after earning her degree in fashion design before launching THE KNIT KID: she kicked off the label right after finishing her final thesis project. Her mixed knit pieces, which she would post photos of online, garnered heaps of praise and devotees; this collection, full of clever colorblocking and streamlined silhouettes, is sure to do the same.
MAH NA MAH NA BY JEN KAO for Anthropologie.jpeg


Taiwanese-American designer Jen Kao has built her repertoire of casually elegant and seductive designs since launching her debut collection in 2006. Though deeply detailed and full of contrasts, her pieces remain accessible and wearable - which is precisely what is adored about Kao's first Made In Kind collection.
Of India- For Collections for ANthropologie.jpeg

Of India: Four Collections

In Anthropologie's second showcase of talent culled from India's dynamic design landscape, bringing these four labels to the forefront: each with its own aesthetic, each utterly compelling in its reflection of modern handcraft.

Payal Pratap

Payal Pratap created her own line in 2006 with the modern Indian woman in mind - one with an independent approach to style, urban sensibilities and traditional roots. Showcasing an incredible depth of detail, her pieces meld traditional Indian craft with forward-thinking design.

Oseo-Duro for Anthropologie.jpeg


What's the best thing about life? Some say it's that you never know where exactly it will lead you. Take Vancouver natives Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh - the two designers first met in the late 90s during high school, but it wasn't until they traveled to Ghana in 2009 that their journey truly began. What began as a there-and-back trip became Osei-Duro, an ethical fashion label that produces all of its garments in Ghana with the help of local artisans.
sir sir by correll correll for Anthropologie.jpeg

sir sir by correll correll

Inspired by anything spun, woven or dyed by hand, twin sisters and design partners Daphne and Vera Correll incorporate a world's worth of artisan techniques - from Japanese shibori dyeing to Peruvian strap weaving to North German blueblock printing - into the creation of their clothing. Almost all collections are produced by hand, either in their Lower East Side studio or collaboration with local craftsmen and seamstresses.
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