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Some Days I Just Want To Hang Up My Stilettos For Good

Some Days I Just Want To Hang Up My Stilettos For Good

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There's No Crying In The Fashion Industry!

The stress and the pressure you encounter while working in the fashion industry can easily get to you... that is, if you let it. However, if you're as passionate about your career as I am, you can definitely understand how difficult it can be to let certain things roll off your back.

The Power of Your Mind

Your mind is one of your most powerful assets. When it works well, you can think rationally, make clear decisions, and pursue your goals with confidence. It's easy for your mental processes to become overworked and overloaded, leading to confusion, stress, and negative thinking.

I've rediscovered a book I've had in my collection for many years called Detox For Life, written by Josephine Collins. A portion of this book is about detoxing your mind. It teaches you to focus on being clear about what you want to achieve.


To get your mind working for you instead of against you, follow Josephine's five steps for detoxing your mind:

Step #1 - Know What You Want

Developing a clear vision of who you would like to be is the first step to detoxing your mind and beginning to live the life you want. Part of this process is liberating yourself from your "inner critic."

Step #2 - Make A Plan

If you examine your life objectively, the areas that need detoxing will become clearer, enabling you to devise a plan. It is time to start making your vision of the future a reality.

Step #3 - Do The Energy Work

Learn techniques like visualization and self-talk to help you to increase your inner resolve and your sense of personal power.

Step #4 - Take Action

Now that you have paved the way to success by doing the energy work, put your plans into action and make intuition part of your everyday life.

Step #5 - Let Go Of Worries

An essential part of detoxing your mind is banishing unhelpful thoughts - at least for a while. The aim of this is to give your mind a rest from everyday cares.

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Designing My Own Future In Fashion

Designing My Own Future In Fashion

He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said

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