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Designing My Own Future In Fashion

Designing My Own Future In Fashion

Time To Tell My (Unruly) Fashion Career Who's Boss And Hire A Career Coach!

Nearly all of us reach critical points in our career when we recognize there is so much more we want to do, but don't know how to make it happen, or don't even think it's possible. It's like there's this invisible force holding you back.

I know the fashion industry is where I want to be. However, I would love to increase my motivation, performance, effectiveness, marketability, promotability, and ultimately become more engaged in what I do. 

Why investing in a personal career coach may be one of the best steps I can take toward my happiness and career satisfaction.

The popularity of coaching today is evidence for its ability to make a difference.  Coaching is effective because it helps you to gain clarity and a sense of purpose, set clear and appropriate goals, challenges you to do more than you might have done on your own, and provides support, encouragement, resources, and insight to achieve goals faster.  

On The Hunt For A Perfect 'Coach-Client' Fit 

From all the research I've gathered, the first and most essential aspect of effective coaching is a good fit in the 'coach-client' relationship. Thankfully most coaches offer a complimentary 30 minute 'get-to-know' consultation before any commitment is made. The coach I choose is going to have a major impact on both my professional and personal life. Therefore, I understand that great chemistry is imperative!

I've narrowed my selection down to 5 options:

Design YOU!

It’s time to start taking care of you!

Stress, burnout, unhappiness, and other negative emotions are your body’s way of telling you that something needs to change. Not surprisingly, the most promising place to start is with you.

We so often lose our true selves along the way to growing up that we forget the need to just be me, free, and happy. Sadly, we often lose sight of who that ‘me’ really is.

So, do yourself a favor today. Decide to begin your journey to design, revamp, and re-launch you to pursue your aspirations! Learn more about how personal, career, or academic coaching with Leah can help you enrich your life, and invest in your flourishing today.
— Leah B. Mazzola, CYC, ALC, CART, LCDCi
Have questions about the future? How to choose a career? How to find a good job? Should graduate school be the next step? What does the future hold?

Carson-Clark Careers, a Dallas company, can help answer these questions. Our one-on-one career counseling and unique workshop-based programs help individuals understand themselves, identify options, and create strategies targeted toward a productive and successful future.

The benefits of our programs include:

- Insight about personal characteristics
- A stronger sense of self and life direction
- Confidence to take charge of life to achieve goals
- Exploration of career issues and challenges in a non-threatening environment
- Expert coaching on lifetime career planning and goal setting
- Training in proven job search techniques as well as other tools and resources
— Rebecca B. Clark, L.P.C. | Lois P. Glasgow, Ph.D | Leslie C. Nastri, M.A.
Whether you are looking for a new job, an internal promotion, or considering a career change, Jean will partner with you to provide support, information, guidance, and proven strategies and tactics to navigate today’s job market.

With background as a career and executive coach, executive search consultant and internal recruiter, Jean has guided hundreds of individuals in career transition – from interns to C-Suite leaders – in diverse industries and functions. With first-hand experience as a “gatekeeper” and “talent scout,” Jean brings the employer’s point-of-view, a practical approach and deep knowledge.
Career transition consulting can help you land the right position at the right income in less time AND proactively manage your career in the long-run.

Jean develops and delivers a personalized career transition program employing high touch and high tech strategies. She provides tools including assessments, workbooks, sample documents and a process that works. She provides career coaching to individuals in the Dallas Fort Worth area and throughout the country, working in person, via phone and email. Career consulting is available in hourly, project or monthly programs.
— Jean Casey | Executive Coach, Career Coach, Consultant
Coaching focuses on the present and future, seeking answers from within you, the client. Through a coaching process, you will build awareness, confidence and motivation towards your goals. Coaching can be very powerful.

Why Do I Specialize in Fashion Career Coaching? Although I offer career coaching to professionals in any field, I specialize in the fashion, apparel and retail industry. I understand what is realistic and unrealistic in this unique and dynamic business. I have managed through the incredible amount of change, politics, creative management, diverse work groups (gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, personality types), strong brand vision, weak brand vision, casual cultures, formal cultures, playful environments, late hours, unacceptable and acceptable behavior in the industry. I understand that this is a business where personal and professional lives often intersect. This intimate knowledge builds awareness on where some of your obstacles may be coming from. It will also help me to understand if your goals and values relate to the business or company for which you are working. Fashion careers can be difficult and a career coach can help you overcome challenges.
— Kate Kibler, CPC, CCC
‘Best Career Coaches as seen in Forbes, BusinessWeek, Daily News, Women’s Day, Glamour, NY Times and more.’

We are career coaching experts, supporting our clients to have happy, fulfilling and successful careers. For some clients that means determining what they want to do next with their career. While others like their career but want to work on their growth and development, or improve work-life balance, deal with difficult people and situations, etc.

Whatever your career goals, our career coaches are highly experienced career coaching professionals who know how to help people find their answers, get into action and create a career they love.
— IFC | Institute For Coaching
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Fashion Killa

Fashion Killa

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