"My Shoes Speak Italian... a classic tale of the pursuit of fashion career happiness, told by yours truly" 
- M.S.S.I. Creator, Megan Burkham
A Walk in My Fendi Shoes

A Walk in My Fendi Shoes


The Pursuit of Fashion Career Happiness

A fellow fashion blogger and wonderful friend of mine, Sean Charles of SeanInTheCity | DFW, gave me some excellent advice. While the basis of MyShoesSpeakItalian.com is to be a fantastic fashion industry resource, my blog has been missing something extremely important. Me!

While I’ve always found my personal struggle in the pursuit of fashion career happiness to be beside the point when writing my blog, I may have been overlooking its sole purpose all along. I have reason to believe that many fashion industry hopefuls out there could benefit from…or find humor in… all the cracks in the runway I’ve so graciously stumbled upon in my career.

Strip Me

Many times I can relate my current circumstances to a song or two…which you should come to expect in future postings. Strip Me by Natasha Beddingfield is a perfect song to kick-off the new addition to MyShoesSpeakItalian.com

“Everyday I fight for all my future somethings, a thousand little wars I have to choose between.”

I know what your Professors don’t want to tell you…as you’re working tirelessly to complete your degree in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, and that is the fact that your college education is only a stepping stone in the right direction, which then leads to a rather large mountain called The Fashion Industry. Just hope you’re heaven-sent and hell-proof…

Not to deter industry hopefuls in making that climb of course! I’m purely setting the stage for an adventure of a lifetime. Like they say, “It’s not about how fast you get there or what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb that matters”.

Will Work For Shoes

As much as I prefer the phrase “Between Opportunities” when discussing my current job status, I have come to recognize there is no great way to sugar-coat unemployment. After being laid off from my most recent position, I am still positive and hopeful that the next opportunity is just around the corner.

7 months and counting…if only I was joking. Each day brings a thousand little wars I have to choose between to eventually reach my final goal: Follow my passion and continue my career in the fashion industry! 

“Take what you want. Steal my pride. Build me up or cut me down to size. Shut me out, but I’ll just scream.  I’m only one voice in a million, and you ain’t taking that from me.”

With unemployment at an all-time high, jobs in the fashion industry are extremely hard to come by. Due to this, every position that does become available is left to chance and a whole lot of well qualified applicants vying for the same opportunity. 

With this, you can almost guarantee some disappointment. And I use the word disappointment lightly. It’s easy to let them build you up or cut you down to size. What gets you to the next interview is your unique voice in a sea of millions. Recognizing who you are and what you have to offer, while learning from every mistake will restore that hope and fuel your passion to keep trying.

“And if you strip me, strip it all away. If you strip me, what would you find?  I’m still the same.” 

So among cocktails with a good friend…and plenty more breakdown moments in between…you begin to discover your strengths. While the process can leave you feeling stripped of everything you hold dear, smile because you still have your style. And in my case..my favorite pair of Fendi’s!

“Cause when it all boils down at the end of the day, it’s what you do and say that makes you who you are. Makes you think about it doesn’t it? Sometimes all it takes is one voice.”   

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