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passion. Becoming An Entrepreneur In Fashion

passion. Becoming An Entrepreneur In Fashion

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Making a Profit Out of Passion

Not Everyone Starts a Business for the Money

Success as a fashion entrepreneur is about developing your business through the passion that ultimately drives you. As we build passion toward the realization of your goals you start to create an unstoppable force that moves you closer and closer to your objectives.

How to Be a Fashion Entrepreneur?

Find your niche within the fashion industry. An entrepreneurial outlet that matches skills, talent and interest better assures eventual success. Develop the mindset of an entrepreneur and cultivate industry skills. Build a stellar reputation, collect necessary contacts and secure clients before launching. Begin with a sound business plan to increase the odds of success, and stand ready to revise it as necessary.

Develop Necessary Skills

As the owner of a fashion business, you will oversee the complete operation. Community colleges, trade and vocational courses, books and internships all provide ways to learn industry skills. Sewing, tailoring, pattern-making, illustration, photography, styling, modeling, journalism, factory production, sales and visual display all lie within the realm of fashion.

Learn the Full Spectrum of Business Ownership

Develop the skill-set of a small business owner by understanding accounting, marketing, risk-management and human resources. You will eventually hire specialists in these areas, but knowing the basics allows you to oversee your entire operation.

Build and Maintain an Impeccable Reputation

The quality of your work must always exceed expectations. In your daily job, treat associations as future suppliers and potential clients. With hard work, sound planning and a great deal of tenacity, they someday will be.

Create a Business Plan

Many guides are available, particularly through the Small Business Administration (sba.gov). Check with regional small business development centers and community colleges business plan workshops. Whatever segment of the fashion industry you have chosen, it will require capital. Using your business plan, locate backers, investors or partners.

A Word from the Wise

  • Expect to invest three to five years learning the ropes before opening your own fashion business.
  • Your reputation takes years to build and can be destroyed in minutes. Guard and protect it.
  • Do not directly poach clients or workers from employers.
  • Watch out for “non-compete agreements” that can prohibit you from starting a similar business for a specified number of years.

Success is the Reward for all of Your Efforts

However, success always has a price, and the price is always the same, it is hard work. If you are willing to pay the price you can receive the reward. Life is a sequence of rules that we all live by, whether we know it or not. In order to reach success you have to do what is required to be successful. Follow the path of others that have achieved what you are looking for, learn from their mistakes and learn what they do right, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

Most importantly, apply your passion for fashion!

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