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- M.S.S.I. Creator, Megan Burkham
art. DIY Digital Cut-And-Paste Art for Fashion And Styling Inspiration

art. DIY Digital Cut-And-Paste Art for Fashion And Styling Inspiration


Gone Are The Days Of The Ole’ Fashion Trend Board

Throw away your scissors and glue! No more towers made from stacks of glossy magazines that slightly lean over you as you search page by page for anything you can find to represent the styling concept you envision. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack!

Finding magazine clippings of garments that properly portray the look and feel you desire is only the first step of the tedious process. Next is the ‘oh-so-fun’ part… determining the brand or designer, where it’s sold, and how much it’ll cost… for each garment.

Have No Fear My Crafty Fashion Artists!

I bring resources that will not only make your life easier, they will provide you with the opportunity to extend your reach of styling inspiration. Taking your school grade trend board to a whole new level.


LOOKBOOK.nu is the largest online community dedicated to showcasing member-uploaded “street style” photography. Also known as “LB” or simply “lookbook,” LOOKBOOK.nu is both a utility that allows members to document their evolving style & a collective gallery from which “lookbookers” and non-members can draw daily fashion inspiration. The most inspiring looks of the moment—as determined by community “hypes”—are displayed on the “Hot” page, while the most recent looks posted by reputable LB members are published to the “New” page.

Founded in 2008, LOOKBOOK.nu was created to bring together creative, interesting, and open-minded fashion enthusiasts, and to democratically recognize the talents of real people around the world. In a sense, LOOKBOOK.nu is the world’s first, truly ‘editorless’ fashion magazine.


As a search engine devoted to fashion, ShopStyle brings together the most fashionable stores and the best brands allowing users to cross-shop hundreds of thousands of apparel, home decorating and kids products — all in one place. Featuring products from the most popular designer brands and big name fashions, to the up and coming boutiques, ShopStyle lets users search the most stylish stores at once — by designer, brand, store, sale items, price point, and color.

ShopStyle also has one of the most vibrant fashion communities on the web. Users are empowered to be fashion editors or interior designers, expressing their unique style by creating stylebooks and looks that can be shared and shopped on ShopStyle, on blogs or emailed to friends.  ShopStyle’s active groups provide inspiration on various topics and allow users of similar taste to shop, share and comment.


Polyvore is the web’s largest fashion community site, where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world. With over 15 million monthly unique visitors, Polyvore’s global community has created over 44 million sets that are shared across the web.


Clip your favorite products from across the web.


Mix and match products to create sets that express your style.


Share your sets on Polyvore, blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

The following example is a page from my personal stylebooks. 

The Girly Girl Glamour Edition

J.Crew nautical shorts

$65 - jcrew.com

High heels

€400 - youheshe.com

SERPUI MARIE clutch handbag

$195 - calypsostbarth.com

Juicy Couture Spring Summer 2012 Look Book



Fashiolista helps you save & share your greatest fashion finds from all over the web. With our special Love button, you can save your fashion favorites from nearly every online store in one convenient place. Your personal Fashiolista profile will become the ultimate wish list of items that you love, want, or that just inspire you.

Best of all, you can browse the profiles created by other Fashiolista members. Browsing other people’s fashion finds is a great way to get fresh inspiration. Their members come from all over the world: New York, London, to Rio de Janeiro & Tokio. Among them are many of the top fashion bloggers and influencers. You are sure to discover stylish new items, stores and designers everyday.

Discover unique fashion items & stores

Use Fashiolista to browse other people’s profiles and favorite fashion items. If you see an item that you like, click the ‘I love it’ button and it will be added to your own profile. Click “find it here” to discover the store in which the item was found.

Follow people whose style inspire you!

When you find someone whose style you like, you can start following their fashion finds. Just click ‘follow’ and you will automatically see all their latest loves & finds in your own style feed. You can follow anyone from your friends to famous fashion bloggers, magazines & brands.

See trends & search items

Check fashiolista’s list of top trending items. This list is totally based on the latest loves from everyone on Fashiolista. Use the search box or tags if you are looking for specific designers, brands or stores.

Save your own favorite fashion finds from any online store!

Have all your favorite fashion finds from different stores in one convenient place. All you need is the special heart-shaped button. After you’ve added the button to your browser, you can save items with one click. It works in nearly any online store, try it and see for yourself, it only takes 15 seconds to install.

Share your style, inspire others! 

By creating a stylish profile on Fashiolista, you will be an inspiration to others. You can also share your style on your blog with our stylish widgets


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