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passion. Never Work a Day in Your Life

passion. Never Work a Day in Your Life


Most Enjoyable Careers in the Fashion Industry

We have all heard the saying ‘When you love your job you never work a day in your life’…

Here are examples of fashion industry positions that rank as most enjoyable

Apparel Wholesale Sales Representative

Fashion sales representatives are very well-rounded, adaptable, and flexible. They often work for fashion manufacturers or wholesalers.

The main task of a fashion sales representative is to sell the products manufactured by their fashion company. They are the ones who conduct meetings to prospect clients (such as retail and wholesale agents of small fashion boutiques) in order to efficiently facilitate their product purchases. A good fashion sales rep must be to devise good promotional plans and marketing strategies to establish a strong customer base and to effectively develop new prospects in particular target markets.

Visual images are created by mixing different patterned and textured garments with complementary accessories to create an ensemble. A fashion stylist relies on a keen eye for spotting fashion trends and creating these ensembles for celebrities, magazine spreads, television advertising campaigns as well as music videos. Well-known fashion stylists, such as Rachel Zoe, often brand their name and develop fashion collections, as well as products such as perfume.

Boutique Owner

Successful boutique owners are very entrepreneurial-minded and driven people who use a combination of savvy business skills and in-depth knowledge of the fashion retail industry to make a profit. Their stores often target a specific customer profile and often carry a specific mix of clothing and/or apparel designers that appeal to this demographic.

Boutique owners must be jacks or jills of all trades as they typically oversee all aspects of a boutiques operations from planning and purchasing their inventory, setting up the in-store displays and managing employees. You could start a fashion boutique in one of the following areas: sportswear, beachwear, novelty items, vintage, T-shirts, dresses, tuxedos, shoes, handbags, accessories, lingerie, watches, sunglasses, and more.



A fashion buyer is responsible for the products that the company sells, making fashion buyer jobs quite important for the company and for the brand that they carry. They oversee the development of clothes which are targeted towards a particular market and price range. Depending on how big the company is, there might be one fashion buyer or a team of fashion buyers responsible for the clothes which the company would carry.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designers understand that clothes are much more than protection from the elements. Clothes can make people feel confident or powerful. Or they can be comforting. Clothing can be an artistic expression—a projection of the image people want the world to see.

While good fashion design will probably never bring about world peace, fashion can make a person feel better. Far from being purely superficial, fashion can have profound effects, to both individuals and to the world at large. Whether you think of royalty or rock stars, you visualize their appearance and presentation. What people wear projects who they are.

The sophisticated and often over-the-top styles found on the runways of Paris and New York do not represent the full spectrum of fashion designers’ work. In reality, there are a multitude of opportunities in fashion design, from sportswear, to children’s clothes, to haute couture. If you can wear it, someone has designed it.

Visual Merchandiser

Businesses rely upon visual merchandising to lure customers into the store and hold their interest once they enter. A visual merchandiser’s work can play a big role in the financial success and reputation of a business. They conceptualize and create visually appealing displays inside and outside of a store to draw in business, showcase items, introduce new items, create a positive store image and increase revenue. 


Fashion Show Production

An event producer is a professional services provider. She is responsible for the oversight and coordination for an event, from its initial concept to the management of maintenance workers once the event has ended. She manages all staff and vendors. In addition, she directs the participation of her clients and other attendees.


Fashion photographers are trained in the craft of photography and specialize in capturing fashion images for advertisements. They use models and celebrities to express an idea or a trend that ideally makes an important impression on the fashion industry. The job description of fashion photographers includes details of responsibilities, qualifications, job outlook, income and job security.

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