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What Lead You To Start Your Own Blog?

I have reason to believe that many fashion industry hopefuls out there could benefit from, or find humor in, all the cracks in the runway that I have so graciously stumbled upon in my career. With this in mind, My Shoes Speak Italian was created as a means to share what inspires me in my career and in life. My mission is simple; to articulate my passion for the industry while contributing to the success of others. After all, fashion as a way of life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.


Did You Always Know You Wanted To Write About And Capture Fashion Trends?

My love affair with fashion has remained true from a young age. So naturally, once I discovered my talent as a writer, I believe it was only a matter of time before I chose to express my love on paper. Or in this case, through my blog.


How Do You Go About Creating Your Blog? What Is Your Process?

As a result of trial and error, I've finally developed an efficient process for creating, maintaining, and promotig My Shoes Speak Italian. By developing a detailed editorial calendar, I've been able to brainstorm and plan my posts ahead of time in order to remain consistent. I draw inspiration from industry publications, fashion and lifestyle blogs I follow, and through observation of people, place, music, and style trends I encounter on a daily basis.



My Shoes Shoes Speak Italian caters to the lifestyle of the fashion industry professional:

M.S.S.I. | Offers dynamic editorial content on fashion, inspiration, music, passion, art, and beauty

MY SHOES. MY STORY. | Provides an honest, yet optimistic perspective on my personal pursuit of fashion career happiness

HEADLINE | Reports breaking news in the business of fashion, keeping readers in-the-know

WILL WORK FOR SHOES | Is a fabulous resource for fashion career development and success

SHOP THE TRENDS | Displays the latest shop-able trends and promotes creative expression through fashion styling


Choose Three Words That Describe Your Blog

Engaging. Dynamic. Witty.



Favorite Item You've Ever Featured

A pair of high leather platform peep-toe booties with neon details by Danish label Designers Remix Signature. These boots are to die for with their black tie-string at the ankles plus neon-colored soles and heels!



Who Is Your Style Icon?

Sarah Jessica Parker. Hands Down!


If You Could Re-Style A Celebrity, Who Would It Be?

I would love the opportunity to re-style Charlize Theron. In my opinion, she ranks at the top when it comes to being one of the most gorgeous women in the world. A versatile and natural beauty, Charlize can pull off any look.


What Is The Accessory You Cannot Live Without?

My favorite pair of Linda Farrow Vintage sunglasses. They were gifted to me by the President of the company, Simon Jablon, after completing my internship in London.



How Would You Describe Your Own Style?

My style is a direct reflection of my personality. I wear pieces that cater to my intelligence, creativity, and individuality, while maintaining a balance between quality and affordability. I'm confident, free, and adventurous, with a versatile style that ranges from sweet to tough, and tomboy to romantic.


What Is Your Favorite Book?

Fashion related - It would be How To Walk In High Heels: The girl's guide to everything by Camilla Morton. It's a stylish reference on life experiences. As for non-fashion related - pretty much every book Cecelia Ahern has ever written, i.e. P.S. I Love You, and There's No Place Like Here.



What Other Fashion Bloggers Do You Admire?

Fellow Texan, Kelly Framel's eclectic and fanciful aesthetic has truly made her blog, The Glamourai, an admirable source for style. Tamia of The Style Sample has done a fantastic job transforming her personal style blog-a-zine/fashion blog into a creative resource for personal and professional insights about fashion, trends, design, publishing, and social media.


What Does The Future Hold For MY SHOES SPEAK ITALIAN?

Coming Soon:

&MY STYLE | This section will showcase my personal style through photography and editorial content on topics like celebrity style inspiration, my latest fashion finds, dressing for the occasion, and 'How-To' tutorials.