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Girl on laptop in store.jpg is the largest, fashion-only job listing site on the Internet. Unlike the other, fashion-only job boards, is not affiliated with a recruiting agency and does not collect placement fees or provide temporary employment services. With no reason to cherry-pick the best candidates for it's own use, facilitates honest communication between fashion industry employers and job seekers.

Show what you can't say! is the first fashion-only, online portfolio site on the Internet. now offers integration with Now, employers can see a job seekers online portfolio directly from the resume database! is the first, fashion-only retail job listing site. has a strong following of retailers AND retail professionals in many of the major markets.

Finding a job can be a long and stressful process, but if you have the right resources you are already one step ahead of the game. is a search engine that has a database of jobs all over the world. They search millions of jobs that are posted on other job sites so that you don't have to waste time going from one job site to another. Search for fashion jobs by job title, keyword or company name and will show you all the available jobs posted all over the web. You can also narrow down your search by choosing where your ideal job would be located and selecting the title, company and salary estimates. Check out their salaries, trends and forum tabs to learn more about what is going on in the field of fashion jobs right now. is more than just a website for job listings. It is one of the leading sites for job seeking, resume and interview advice, career management and more. You can find resources for every step of the process from looking & applying for jobs to moving up in your career. 

If you are looking for jobs in the fashion industry, you can do a search using fashion as a keyword and then narrow down the results by industry, category and career levels. You can find jobs in design, marketing, retail and more! When you register with you can then create a profile and post a resume to increase your chances of your dream job finding you. With a profile on Monster you can save your job search, apply history and also see how many employers have viewed your profile.

With's many options for finding and moving forward in a job, you should take advantage of their resources right now. For jobs in the fashion industry, look into the Arts, Marketing, Retail, or other job categories to find the job that meets your needs. Unlike other job search websites, shows you both the jobs and the companies that have listed them. If you find a job that interests you, choose the similar jobs option underneath it to find more jobs like that one.

Looking for jobs is hard enough, so why not search for jobs on a website that is only about your industry of choice? Go to if you are searching for employment in the many areas of the Fashion Industry. The site posts job listings from leading Fashion Industry Employers, such as Phillips Van Heusen Corp., and Ralph Lauren, and also from Fashion Industry Employment Agencies like the Gromwell Group and the Mayberry Group. 

Browse fashion jobs by the type of apparel the job is involved with, be it children's' wear or jewelry, or by the function of the job, such as marketing or public relations. is dedicated to helping you find the job that you are seeking by providing you with a variety of job opportunities and the option of posting your resume on their website when you register with them, for free!

If you're looking for a job in the fashion industry, then the ‘fashion bible' is there to help. is the website for Women's Wear Daily where they have everything from the biggest news and trends to the hottest jobs in the worlds of fashion, beauty and retail! Find your dream job in fashion on the website with the most comprehensive coverage in the world of all things fashion. 

Post your resume at and search by category or company to find the job that is the right fit for you. features jobs in everything from accounting to stylist. Some of their featured employers include Carolina Herrera Ltd and Lacoste. Even if you are just starting a career in the fashion industry has something for you. Their Student Center and Career Resources provide you with Intern and Entry Level job opportunities, as well as links to other helpful sites. The career blogs, Career Chat, Fashion Business and For Interns, have very useful advice for those seeking to begin or advance their careers in the fashion industry. 


As one of the leading search engines for fashion products, Fashion.Net provides consumers with links to the hottest styles, products and services on the internet. In addition to their extensive knowledge of fashion, luxe, and shopping, Fashion.Net also has a page for listing available job opportunities and posting resumes. The Jobs page at Fashion.Net is simple and to the point. You can look for positions, freelance projects or internships that are being offered or post a resume stating what you are looking for exactly. Unlike other job search pages, Fashion.Net does not allow you to narrow your search results. Instead all of the available positions are displayed on one page with the job title and location as the headings. The selection is limited, but you can always check out the right side of the page for career advice and resources on how to become a fashion designer, model, editor, or photographer. Fashion.Net may not have the most comprehensive list of job opportunities but they do include very useful links if a job in the fashion industry interests you. is a career community for the Fashion Merchandising Industry. They provide new job openings for Fashion Professionals every day, in addition to insightful research into the Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail employment market, and an informative career articles section, written and frequented by industry professionals.

24 | Seven Talent

24 | Seven Talent's roots are in the fashion industry. They have emerged as the premier global fashion job recruitment agency, supporting the entire product life-cycle. They cover creative and technical design, product development, production, merchandising, sales, marketing jobsdigital jobs and e-commerce jobs– plus all the roles in between. From entry level to executive management in accessories, apparel and home furnishings, no one has a more extensive network of talent or greater access to jobs in fashion.