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20 Tech Startups Taking The Fashion Industry By Storm

20 Tech Startups Taking The Fashion Industry By Storm

New Business Brought On By Fashion And Technology


Acustom uses body scanning technology to help clients create perfectly fitted articles of clothing (they’re focused prima

rily on pants). The company believes that there should be a perfect fit for everyone, no matter their shape or size. What the fashion industry deems as imperfections are seen at Acustom as essential parts of you. Your body is as individual as you are—a shape to be to be expressed, so you can look and feel your best. Even better, clients choose from custom cuts and a variety of washes, so we keep your ass(ets) covered in premium combinations of your choice.

Acustom currently offers custom-fit denim for women and specialized suiting for men. Men’s denim and women’s suiting are in the making, so keep an eye out.


Stylitics is where the stylish and savvy go to organize their style, share their opinions, and discover new trends and looks from our fashion-forward community of users. Through innovative use of real-time style data, Stylitics gives users insight into the inner workings of their closets. Basically, it’s your style. Smarter.

Fashion GPS

Fashion GPS is an app that allows users to track samples, look books, PR and fashion events. In addition to positioning itself as a resource for runway show attendees, it also provides metrics for brands and publishers. RADAR is an invite-only fashion tool offering one centralized place to view and manage all of your fashion events and keep your contact information accurate and up-to-date across PR agencies.

The system has the ability to manage the entire process, from logging the initial style request all the way to cutting out the press hit. The system creates public relations and advertising equivalency reports to immediately determine your company’s editorial performance. From collections to individual styles, you can analyze the monetary value of your public relations efforts. 

Have to Have

Have to Have is a social commerce platform and a “registry for your lifestyle”. They offer a personalized digital shopping experience, with functionality to rate products and exchange comments. They also have a downloadable bookmarklet that enables users to archive images across the web.

Have to Have was designed to make your online shopping experience as easy, fun and social as you’ve always dreamed it would be. You can save everything from any retailer across the web that you simply have to have. Each product is saved to your profile so you can click buy at any time, or someone can buy it for you. Even better, we tell you when each item goes on sale. It’s just like a universal shopping assistant who pulls and holds your items for you while you decide what to buy. You can organize everything into lists for occasions, by trends or just for kicks and share with friends and family.

It’s great for discovering the latest trends in your crowd and beyond. Have to Have puts your shopping and your community together to keep you organized, stylish and in the loop.


Motilo is is an online community where you can shop together in real time with your friends. Motilo offers an interactive fashion-focused social network fused with a unique e-commerce platform. The Motilo shop contains fashion items from hundreds of international websites, each carefully chosen by our in-house stylists each week. On Motilo, members can create looks using the pieces in our shop, share these looks with friends, and then buy every item in the outfit. Motilo is updated daily with exciting content presented through the eyes of the Motilo girls, Motilo’s magazine and from users who create and submit looks.


EDITD connects fashion, luxury and apparel people with the data they need to make better decisions. Businesses that need to understand consumers and the marketplace for fashion, accessories and apparel use EDITD to help them price products, know when to discount, understand what’s selling and interpret what consumers are saying.


AHAlife is an e-commerce destination where visitors can “upgrade their life” by browsing curated products and unique gifts from around the world.

1 New Discovery. Every 24 Hours. 100% Inspiring—that’s what we’re all about. AHAlife showcases and sells a new hand-selected item each day and tell the story behind the making of the product, along with a designer profile and sometimes a video or audio slideshow that takes you inside the creative process. 

AHAlife features a range of lifestyle goodies—fashion, food, beauty, accessories, home decor, travel and tech, to name a few—but all are united by their craftsmanship, unique provenance and amazing aesthetic (as you can see in our Shop section, where you can learn about—and purchase—everything we’ve showcased on AHAlife, past and present).

Of A Kind

Of A Kind is a sleek platform for emerging designers. They focus on selling limited-edition pieces, and providing consulting and editorial that provides perspective and designer stories.

They select designers whose work they love and feature them on the site, one at a time. They share a series of stories about each designer—inspirations, personal life, taste, training, you name it—along with a limited-edition piece designed exclusively for Of a Kind.

Of A Kind aims to support and promote on-the-rise fashion designers who get them excited by giving customers access to their unique products and stories. They hope to offer something special and rare to others: People who want to know the story behind everything, people who are the first to hear about the next big artist/designer/musician/chef, people who shop as much for the experience as they do for the product.


Outlier is an online retailer specializing in combining high-tech fabrics with traditional menswear looks. Founded by Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens, they’re clothes that balance aesthetics and rugged clothing, ideal for urban living.


Perch Interactive turns any table surface into a dynamic, hands-on interactive display. Perch encourages shoppers to touch and pick up products on display, and rewards them for doing so with information, animations and brand-specific media. Perch combines the benefits of online shopping with the advantages of retail shopping to create an entirely unique and enticing experience for the customer.

Perch is an entirely new media platform and retail technology.


ReFashioner is an online marketplace for fashion enthusiasts founded by Kate Sekules. The site is inherently ecological since all their products are recycled couture and quality vintage articles of clothes, shoes and accessories. Refashioner is where like-minded fashion fiends can get together and trade, not just great unloved garments, shoes and accessories, but their stories too.


Shoptiques is an aggregator of inventory from fashion boutiques across the country. The app features 160 boutiques in 20 U.S. cities; users can explore products by trend, product, boutique or neighborhood. 

Shoptiques provides one-of-a-kind fashion, accessories and jewelry curated by boutique owners, as well as personal style advice and recommendations that are truly unique for you. Whether the boutiques carry their own label or buy from emerging, niche or local designers, each has a distinctive style that reflects the owners’ discerning eye and creative vision. On Shoptiques.com you can shop by boutique, neighborhood, clothing type and new arrivals, as well as refine your search by color, price, size and style. Best of all, the prices will leave you with a little extra cash to actually enjoy the journey.


Snapette is the mobile app for fashion lovers. Discover and share photos of designer fashion in stores near you. Launched in 2011, Snapette has quickly become the must-have mobile app for fashion lovers. We’ve partnered with over 50 designer brands and boutiques, including Diane Von Furstenberg, Rebecca Minkoff, and Botkier. You can browse their latest products right from your phone, and see what is trending at this moment from any location. Download the app: www.snapette.com/download

Style for Hire

Style for Hire is a network of the best personal stylists whom offer audits of your wardrobe and personal shopping assistance. These stylists will show you which duds to toss, what to keep, and what to buy within your budget to sharpen your look and flatter your figure. No more staring in despair at your closet!Goals may include saving money, looking better or being more ecological. Why should celebrities have all the fun?


ReQoop is the best way to discover and share style from the most coveted stores and the most stylish people near you. Take photos from your favorite stores and share them with everyone. ReQoop’s Network of stores include all the best boutiques and most coveted brands. You can take photos from any store, but photos taken from the stores in the ReQoop Network will be shown to more people. And you can win exclusive rewards just by taking great photos or visiting you favorite stores.


OpenSky is curated ecommerce where you can shop items endorsed by famous people like Kelly Bensimon, Cynthia Rowley and Julianne Moore at a reduced price and you customize who you follow. It’s Google Shops meets Twitter!

On OpenSky, you create your own experience. You decide, based on your personal interests and passions, which people to connect with—we like to call them “curators.” They’re a growing group of tastemakers and experts who are deeply passionate about what they do and what they love. You’ll discover what they discover: the most amazing products and brands you’ve never heard of and the stories (and the brilliant designers and artisans) behind them. You’ll be surprised, delighted, engaged.

They curate the shopping experience for you, but you handpick your team of curators. You become the center of YOUR experience.


The power of the social web to build a valuable knowledge base has been proven. For example, having access to the opinions and experience of others has forever changed the way we choose a holiday destination. Buyosphere is leveraging the social web to build a knowledge base that will change the way we choose every product on the web. Buyosphere - it’s the “Quora” for shopping. 


Stylmee is a fashion & design community that is part e-commerce, social game and a discovery & curation platform for those who want to challenge their sense of style, fashion know-how and ability! As a boutique stylist, buyer & owner in a 3D virtual fashion City, your objective is to select the very best styles from the world’s leading fashion brand’s collection to curate in your shop based on the theme of the week.

Stylmee is innovative & challenging, it’s the first and only fashion social game that uses real branded products as part of the shopping and gaming experience. There are no avatars here! Within the brand’s collections there are also 10 Secret Styles selected weekly by fashion celebrities and bloggers which will earn you extra points and Stylcash when found and saved to your “My Styles”.

Earn points when other members “Love” your boutique design, your curated styles and for completing fashionable tasks and challenges. The more points you earn, the higher the level. The higher the level, the better the access to special offers from the brands on Stylmee.is a social game where you can create your own boutique and shop from designers like Alex Wang and Calvin Klein. Major luxury brands participating; it’s original and it will just be interesting to see if this gaming thing takes off with fashion people.

The Cools

The Cools is a social marketplace where you can discover and buy from independent brands, boutiques, and sellers. Discover new brands, exclusive products, and personal collections from a style-minded community, including influential tastemakers, bloggers, and designers.

Connect with brands and designers for style inspiration and exclusive products. Exchange ideas and influences with individual sellers and curators. Shop the leading marketplace for the best new and vintage fashion, art and design. Buy direct from brands, collectors, boutiques, and individuals.

The Runthrough

The Runthrough b2b platform for pr companies and editors and stylists that facilitates the sample trafficking process and makes it more like online shopping. Started by former accessories editors who know the biz, plus major designers have signed on like Donna Karan and Michael Kors.

The Runthrough is an online hub that connects fashion tastemakers with the world’s best luxury and emerging brands. It is a free, members-only site for fashion editors and stylists to view virtual lookbooks. With one click, industry professionals can request sample products or high-res images for their photo shoots, celebrity events, and print and online publications. TheRunthrough simplifies and streamlines the fashion editing process.

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